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  • An Unprecedented Government Policy

    Kudos to Karin Anderson, of Neighbors Link Community Law Practice, who appeared on the Richard French Live television program to discuss the Trump Administration’s “unprecedented” and inhumane practice of separating immigrant children from their parents on America’s southern border. Thanks to Richard French and his staff for highlighting this abusive policy and the lingering tragedy… Read more

  • Our Year in Review

    We also had the privilege of helping Westchester Children’s Association (WCA) and New York’s Raise the Age coalition get the state’s age of criminal responsibility raised to 18 years. Now the state no longer automatically charges all 16-year-olds as adults. According to an editorial in the Journal News, “this means that most juvenile defendants will… Read more

  • Clients & Causes

    Robert Bonvento Causes Arts and Culture Adolescent Sexual Health Empowering Women and Girls Health Immigrant Rights Laborer Rights Rights of the Formerly Incarcerated Raise the Age of Criminal Responsibilty Read more

  • Joan Named a 2018 “Mover & Shaker” by the YWCA

    Our company principal, Joan Grangenois-Thomas, was honored to be recognized by the YWCA of White Plains and Central Westchester as one of five 2018 Movers and Shakers. The organization raised over $40,000 at its fifth annual Movers and Shakers event held on October 17. Joan has worked with the YW’s GEMS program (Girls Empowered through Meaningful… Read more

  • Engagement Strategies

    Public & Media Relations Today’s media environment is dynamic, demanding and competitive. We focus on the lower Hudson Valley to develop strong relationships and a thorough understanding of the issues that matter to journalists and to our clients, mostly nonprofit organizations. That’s how we craft strategies that generate media attention to support public engagement and… Read more


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